SSFS8 – Readings

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15 June – Lecture 1:Friendship, Hope and Surprise – The Keys for the New Era



15 June – Book Launch: Zapatista Visions, Voices and Practices 

Zapatista Visions, Voices and Practices (English version)
Zapatista Visions, Voices and Practices (Spanish version)

16 June – Lecture 2 :Philosophy of Chinese Medicine

Lee Keekok 2019 Epidemiology is Ecosystem Science
Nicoletta Dentico:The-Vital Pedagogy Of The New Coronavirus


19 June – Dialogue 2 : China: Ten Cyclical Economic Crises

Wen Tiejun - Ten Crises
Manoranjan Mohanty - Mgrant Labour and Covid Lockdown


21 June – Book Launch : Michael HUDSON – The Destiny of Civilization: Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism or Socialism (English edition)

The Destiny Of civilization


23 JuneDialogue 5 : IndiaPeople’s Resilience and Resistance

Manoranjan Mohanty - Mgrant Labour and Covid Lockdown


25 June – Dialogue 7 : Fukushima after Ten Years

Fukushima book cover

20210625_Hiroko Aihara - 311 Fukushima Nuclear PPT Accidents became the starting point for solidarity to shut the door of the "Nuke Generation"
20210625 Ohashi Masaaki - Fukushima Nuclear Reactors
20210625 OHASHI Masaaki - PPT
20210625 Rebecca Johnson_Fukushima 10 years after- International Impacts


26 June – Workshop 1 : PP21: Where We Are in Creating Sustainable, Renewed Civilization?

20210626 Hanasaki Kohei - What did PP21 aim for and what did it leave us
Lopeti Senituli - Weaving the New Normal
Lau Kin Chi - Reflections on PP21 process
Muto Ichiyo - Some reflections on PP21 movement and its declarations
Muto Ichiyo - PP21 Minamata Keynote_1990
PP21-AMPO 1989
PP21 Nepal 1996  - Shaping Our Future - 20052021
Takeshi Shiratori - Personal proposal elements for the next advocacy and scope for PP21
The Rajchadamnoen Pledge
The Sagarmatha Declaration


27 June – Lecture 4 : Tentative Lessons from the Pandemic about the World We Live In

Chowdhury and Jomo 2020 Responding to the COVID‑19 Pandemic in Developing Countries
Chowdhury and Jomo 2020 COVID‑19 Pandemic Recession and Recovery
JOMO Kwame Sundaram Suggested Readings on Covid-19 Pandemic
Jomo Kwame Sundaram’s website:


28 June – Traditional Medicine: Decolonizing Knowledge

Dialo Diop - The Ebola Virus Epidemic CODERIA Bulletin 2019 P.30-35
Lau Kin Chi and Sit Tsui 2020 The Need for Recovering the Subjugated Knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Katharina Weingartner : The-Fever-Questioning Malaria-Management as a Colonial-Legacy


29 June – Dialogue 9 : Mexico: Indigenous Mobilization during 1960s-70s

Luis Lopezllera_Sociedad civil ecosistémica del siglo XXI
María Eugenia Saiitana Echeagaray, 2001. Las mujeres organizadas de la diócesis de San Cristóbal de Las Casas


2 July – Workshop 2 – PWAG: Feminist Futures – Politics of Possibilities (I)

20210702 PWAG Workshop Abstract


4 July – Lecture 5 : The Loss of Biodiversity – an Insect’s Perspective

Lu Chensheng etal - Mitochondrial Dysfunction


5 July – Lecture 6 : Garbage – The Dark Side of Industrial Civilizationby Tian Song

Tian Song : An Impossible Ideal
Tian Song : Global Warming as a Manifestation of Garbage


6 July – Lecture 7 : Ecology, Socialism and the Future of History

John Bellamy Foster : Abstract_Ecology, Socialism, and the Future of History


7 July – Lecture 8 : The Demise of the Soviet System: Lessons for Today in a Time of Economic, Environmental, and Public Health Crises

20210707_David Kotz_Economic Planning and Market Allocation
20210707_David Kotz_What Economic Structure for Socialism


8 July – Lecture 9: Africans Uprising Against Resurgent ‘Africa Rising’ Authoritarian Neoliberalism

Patrick Bond etal - Climate and Environmental Justice (2009-2021)
Patrick Bond - Africa's Crash and Burn - Essays on African Political Economy, Political Ecology and Social Resistance (2010-2021)


9 July – Lecture 10 : Africa and the Politics of Hope, Love and Rebellion

Firoze Manji - Suggested readings
John S Saul - Revolutionary Hope vs Free Market Fantasies
Sylvia Tamale - African Sexualities


10 July – Lecture 11 : The Kurdish Freedom Movement and Hope in Times of Global Capitalism

Abdullah Öcalan - Democratic Confederalism (2017)
Abdullah Öcalan- Democratic Nation (2017)
Abdullah Öcalan - Liberating Life Woman's Revolution (2017)
Abdullah Öcalan - War and Peace in Kurdistan (2017)
John Restakis - Living Without Approval – Stateless Democracy in Rojava


Other books:


14 July – Lecture by Melani Budianta

Melani Budianta - Smart kampung Doing Cultural Studies in the Global South


17 July – Lecture by Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva_Future of Planetary and People’s Health


18 July – Dialogue 12 – Buen Vivir and People’s Processes for Hope

7.18 Written and Visual Materials