Venezuela in Struggles: Colonial Past, Revolutionary Legacy and Community Regeneration

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Venezuela in Struggles – Series One Videos 

Venezuela in Struggles – Series Two Videos

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The course consists of 24 sessions that will be broadcast every Wednesday from 9 am to 12m from Venezuela. Each class will be taught by commoners, militants of popular movements and/or organic intellectuals. 
Every Wednesday
From 9 am to 12 pm (Venezuela and Caribbean),
From 10 am to 1pm (South America)
From 3pm  to 6pm (Europe)
From 9pm to 12am (China)
The original lectures will be in Spanish and will have simultaneous translation into English and Mandarin (Putonghua).
The original transmission will be through the zoom platform and each registered participant will be sent the link to connect in each one. In case the registration quotas are exceeded, we will invite the participants to follow the classes through the Youtube channels where it will be transmitted simultaneously in live streaming:
In English through: https: 
In Spanish through:, or 
Full program available at:
Registration through : Zoom registration link:
Any questions about the course in English can be asked in this way and in Spanish you can do it through the mail: [email protected]