Luis Lopezllera Méndez

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Title: Eco-Social-Activist.
Organization: Comite Nacional para la Defensa y Conservacion de los Chimalapas (CNDyCCh).

Brief profile:

  • Co-founder of the Mexican Institute for Social Studies in 1960
  • Creating Authentic Front of Work in 1960
  • Cofounder and supporter of several social movements and NGOs like the Operational Center for Housing and Settlements,  Promotion of Grassroots Development; the Regional Committee for Emergency and Solidarity (in Central America) and the Chiapas’ Indigenous Congress (1960s-1970s)
  • Establishing The Other Stock Exchange with hundreds of social groups in 1990
  • Creating the Tlaloc Multibartering Network followed by several ‘community money’ initiatives(1994)
  • In 2009, participating in creation of the ‘Ecosystem Dialogues’, the 16th being celebrated in November 2015
  • Chairman for periods of the International Group on Grassroots Initiatives, IGGRI (Helsinki); OXFAM Mesoamerica (Mexico); and the North-South Network for Cultures and Development (Brussels)
  • Consultant and jury’s member of The Right Livelihood Award (Stockholm)
  • A fan for the Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (Hong Kong)


Co-founder of the Mexican Institute of Social Studies, 1960 and of the Authentic Trade Union Front, 1961.

Co-founder of the Housing and Settlement Operational Center in 1962 and co-founder of Promotion of Popular Development,  1967.

In 1967 he visited the indigenous experiences promoted by the diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas, in Chiapas. He identified with the indigenous cause and connected with instances of libertarian struggle in Central America.

In 1968 he co-directed the Mexican Social Secretariat.

Since 1974 he promotes the Regional Committee of Emergency and Solidarity, CRES, articulation of the peoples of Central America and the Caribbean. 

He participated in the International Society for Development. 

He has been president of the International Group on Grass Roots Initiatives, IGGRI, created in Rome, Italy in 1986. 

He participated in the Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives, ARENA and People’s Plan 21, PP21.

In 1990 he created “THE OTHER Stock Exchange. And in 1994 the ” Barter Network Tlaloc “, which issues its own non-cash.

He coordinated the Solidarity Economy and Community Money tents of the World Social Forum, Mexico chapter, from 2008 to 2010.

He is part of the Silver Foxes Group, which, assumes the promotion of the “Ecosystemic Dialogues”, an instance of articulation.

In 2017 he co-founded the Ecomun, a mesoeconomic no-currency that summarizing 25 years of experience in social currencies

He is a founding member of the Global University for Sustainability. 



Icon of Luis Lopezllera_Sociedad civil ecosistémica del siglo XXI Luis Lopezllera_Sociedad civil ecosistémica del siglo XXI (9.4 MB) 2021-06-26 Author: Luis Lopezllera.
Icon of Campaign Sharing and Assembling Campaign Sharing and Assembling (541.3 KB) 2017-10-03 Author: Luis Lopezllera and Claudia Yadira Caballero Borja.