Luis Lopezllera

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Title: Eco-Social-Activist.
Organization: Comite Nacional para la Defensa y Conservacion de los Chimalapas (CNDyCCh).

Brief profile:

  • Co-founder of the Mexican Institute for Social Studies in 1960
  • Creating Authentic Front of Work in 1960
  • Cofounder and supporter of several social movements and NGOs like the Operational Center for Housing and Settlements,  Promotion of Grassroots Development; the Regional Committee for Emergency and Solidarity (in Central America) and the Chiapas’ Indigenous Congress (1960s-1970s)
  • Establishing The Other Stock Exchange with hundreds of social groups in 1990
  • Creating the Tlaloc Multibartering Network followed by several ‘community money’ initiatives(1994)
  • In 2009, participating in creation of the ‘Ecosystem Dialogues’, the 16th being celebrated in November 2015
  • Chairman for periods of the International Group on Grassroots Initiatives, IGGRI (Helsinki); OXFAM Mesoamerica (Mexico); and the North-South Network for Cultures and Development (Brussels)
  • Consultant and jury’s member of The Right Livelihood Award (Stockholm)
  • A fan for the Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (Hong Kong)


Icon of Campaign Sharing and Assembling Campaign Sharing and Assembling (541.3 KB) 2017-10-03 Author: Luis Lopezllera and Claudia Yadira Caballero Borja.