First South-South Forum on Sustainability (Dec, 2011)

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  • Institute of Advanced Studies for Sustainability, Renmin University of China
  • Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme, Lingnan University
  • Master of Cultural Studies Programme, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
  • United Nations Development Programme (China)



  • Institute of Advanced Studies for Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, China
  • Center for Film and Cultural Studies, Peking University, China

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Videos of Seminars:


Keynote Speeches:

1. Wen Tiejun – Challenge of Inclusive Growth : Global Capitalization – Institutional Cost Transferring and the Economic of Being Poor

2. Pedro Paez – Global Financial Crisis and Sustainable Security of the South

3. Sam Moyo – Land and Fresh Water as Common Resources in the Current Global Order

4. Muto Ichiyo & Tani Barlow- Commentaries



Theme 1 : Macro-economic Policy and Critical Evaluations

1. Ebrima Sall – African Economy and Land Policy

2. Arindam Banerjee – The Impacts of Neo-liberal Policy on Indian Peasantry

3. Rogerio Faleiros – The Limits of Agrarian Reform in Brazil

4. Remy Herrera – State Financial Policies and the Euro-zone Crisis



Theme 2 : Ecological Justice and Cultural Diversity

1. Ariel Salleh – Protecting the body of mother earth : global climate justice Post Cochabamba Movement

2. Jorge Ishizawa – Latin American aboriginals responding to ecological cataclysm

3. Masaaki Ohashi – Fukushima nuclear disaster and people’s battle lines


Theme 3 : Alternative Local Initiatives and Social Innovations

1. Aleida Guevara – Alternative medical care and livelihood in Latin America

2. Jorge Santiago – Community autonomy of the Zapatistas

3. Patrick Bond – Social Resistance in Post-Apartheid South Africa

4. Vinod Raina – People’s Science for Social Revolution



Rethinking Global South Security

1. Li Anshan – African Development and China-African Relations

2. Margo Okazawa-Rey – Militarism, Conflict and Women’s Activism : Challenges and Prospects for Women in Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone

3. Mamdouh Habashi – Arab Spring : the Dawn of Democracy or Decline of the Geopolitical Order in the Arab World ?

4. Paulo Nakatani – Brazil-US and Regional Reconfiguration in Latin America

5. Hung Ho Fung – New Setting in Asian Geopolitics







Selection of Conference Articles:


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