Sonja Lokar

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Name:Sonja Lokar
Title: Professor of sociology and French language
Position: Coordinator of the Ljubljana Office of the CEE Network for Gender Issues
Organization: CEE Network for Gender Issues

She is one of the founding members of the Global University for Sustainability.

Brief profile:

  • Left wing politician
  • Feminist
  • Former MP
  • Working for the last 25 years as a peace and activist and feminist, mostly in the former socialist countries of the Balkans and CiS and in Arab spring countries


Videos of Sonja Lokar



Icon of Transforming Politics: Women in Politics Transforming Politics: Women in Politics (7.7 MB) 2016-03-31 Author: CEE Network for Gender Issues.
Icon of [Bosnian] Ženski politički subjektivitet [Bosnian] Ženski politički subjektivitet (121.7 KB) 2016-03-30 Author: Sonja Lokar.