South South Dialogue

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During the 7th South South Forum on Sustainability (SSFS), over 800 participants across the globe involved themselves in intensive and earnest discussions. Many felt the need to continue the dialogues after the Forum to further discuss the many issues in the times of global crises such as the pandemic, the new cold war, climate change and the emergent threats of food crisis and massive famines. The South South Dialogue on Sustainability (SSDS) is an extension of the SSFS, facilitating open intellectual discussions concerned with pressing global issues.


Venezuela in Struggles: Colonial Past, Revolutionary Legacy and Community Regeneration

南南大讲堂 – 温铁军教授 (In Putonghua)

南南大讲堂 – 戴锦华教授 (In Putonghua)

20201217 Forum Connect – Connecting to world social forum