Helena Norberg-Hodge – Connecting over soil

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Seminar : Connecting Over Soil
Moderator : CHEN Yun-chung

All over the Western world , increasing numbers of people are leaving their desk- bound lives to rediscover the joys of getting their hands dirty . Things are very different in the global South – while nearly half the population is still connected to the soil , farmers are being encouraged to leave the land by the millions . They are being made to feel ashamed of their farming traditions , ashamed of having their hands in the soil .

Around the world , soil is common currency . It binds us to each other and to the earth . This currency lies at the heart of a movement towards rebuilding local economies . I call it ” the economics of happiness , because at the deepest level localization reweaves our spiritual connection to others and to nature , something that is essential for our wellbeing.