Manoranjan Mohanty

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Name: Mohanty Manoranjan
Title: Distinguished Professor, Council for Social Development, Honorary Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi
Position: Distinguished Professor
Organisation: Council for Social Development, 53 Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-110003

Brief profile:

  • Political Scientist China Scholar and activist in the Peace and Human Rights Movement
  • Retired Professor , University of Delhi
  • Founder member and former Chairperson, Institute of Chinese Studies
  • Currently working as editor of Social Change published by Council for Social Development with Sage.


Icon of Manoranjan Mohanty - 20180616 - SSFS5 Manoranjan Mohanty - 20180616 - SSFS5 (203.0 KB) 2018-06-21 Author: Manoranjan Mohanty.
Icon of Manoranjan Mohanty-DEVELOPMENT AS CIVILISATIONAL MOVEMENT Manoranjan Mohanty-DEVELOPMENT AS CIVILISATIONAL MOVEMENT (397.5 KB) 2018-06-06 Author: Manoranjan Mohanty.