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 Global U Topics

  1. Commons: Agriculture; Air; Appropriate technology; Common good of humanity; Community; Forests; Indigenous knowledge; Indigenous medicine; Land; Water;


  1. Crisis: Capitalism; Climate change; Conflicts; Energy; Financial capitalism; Food insecurity; Fundamentalism; Global warming; Globalization; Health hazards; HIV/AIDS; Mega projects; Militarism; Nuclear threat; Poverty; Science and technology; Terrorism; Territorial conflicts; Unemployment; Violence; Xenophobia;


  1. Culture: Aesthetics; Education; Ethics; Film studies; Gender; Identity; Information; Knowledge; Media; Popular culture; Religion; Scientism; Sexuality; Society; Spirituality; Subjectivity; Traditions;


  1. Economy: Agriculture; Agrarian reform; Agrofuel; Energy; Financial capitalism; Food; Land rights; Livelihood; Migrant workers; Mining; Neoliberalism; Poverty; Rural development; Trade unions; Transnational Corporations; Urban development;


  1. Environment: Anthropocentrism; Ecology; Ecological justice; Energy; Nature; Nuclear power;


  1. Politics: Colonization; Dependence; Ethnicity; Imperialism; Labour; Law; Legitimacy; Militarism; Nationalism; Peace; Power and domination; Race; Social security; Social welfare;


  1. Resistance: Alternative praxis; Decoloniality; Cross-border networking; Indigenous ways; Local governance; New subjectivities; Peasant struggles; People’s initiatives; Rebelliousness for change; Resilience; Rural reconstruction; Self-sufficiency; Social movements; Traditions; Transition towns; Visions for future; World Social Forum;


  1. Theory: Communism; Critical theories; Feminism; Historiography; Marxism; Socialism; Pedagogy; Theorizing practices; Visions;



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