Ana Amorim

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Name: Ana Amorim
Title: Ms
Position: Independent Artist

She is one of the founding members of the Global University for Sustainability.

Brief profile:

I am a Performance  Artist. In my practice in the last 29 years, I have been confronted with numerous situations of appropriation, meddling, and manipulation of creative thinking by capitalist interests with the sole purpose of advancing their predatorial interests. I have coined that Artwash. Awareness of Artwash potentialises resistance to the advance of capital over people’s lives. I believe creativity is an effective  revolutionary human tool only when it comes unhindered, without any mediation by capitalist interests. “From people, for people, by people”



Icon of Art of Resistance: The Impossible Artist Art of Resistance: The Impossible Artist (3.9 MB) 2011-12-12 Author: Ana Amorim .



Letters to the Art System by Ana Amorim (2000-2015)

The (impossible artist) Ana Amorim living in South Pacific (2010 – ongoing)

News about Mining (2010 – ongoing)



She also launches other projects in other languages: Portugese / Spanish