SSFS5 – Zheng Bing 郑冰

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Zheng Bing

Director, Puhan Rural Community, Shanxi Province, China

Since 1998, Zheng Bing has been engaged in technical training for peasants, and the establishment of a women’s association and a peasant’s association. She encourages
peasants to improve their cultural life and living standards, learn about state policies and regulations and new concepts of rural reconstruction.

从1998年开始参与农民技术培训,妇女文化活动,农村社区发展等. 蒲韩社区乃 农民合作组织,兼具经济、社会、文化多功能,覆盖两个乡镇,为当地农民提供共同购买与运销、小额贷款、农技推广、品种改良、文化教育等综合性服务