Day 2: July 24 (Sun)

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Moderator: Chan Ching Kiu, Stephen

9:00-10:30 Latin America: Popular Movements, Progressive Governments and Present Political Crisis
[François Houtart]

11:00-12:30 Political and Economic Challenges for China [Wen Tiejun]


Moderator: Yau Hoi Yan, Yvonne

14:30-15:10 Popular Movements in Korea [Lee Jung Ok]

15:10-15:50 Popular Movements in SE Asia [Surichai Wungaeo]


Book launch of MP Parameswaran’s book
Dreams without an Expiry Date


16:30-18:30 No Fire Zone– the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka [Jude Lal Fernando, François Houtart]
(Documentary screening: 35 mins and seminar)

Day 3: July 25 (Mon)


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