Committee members

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Fifth South South Forum on Sustainability


Organizing Committee    籌委會

Lau Kin Chi  劉健芝

Sit Tsui, Margaret Jade  薛翠

Wong Erebus  黃鈺書

Au Yeung Lai Seung  歐陽麗嫦

Yan Xiaohui  嚴曉輝


Technical Advisors  技術顧問

Lau Kin Ching  劉健青

Cheung Yee Chung, Kelven 張怡松

Pan Tingting 潘婷婷

Ip Hiu Tan, Dan  葉曉丹


Administrative Staff  行政人員

Tsui Wai Shuen, Josephine  徐惠璇

Lee Kiu Chi, George  李翹志

Tong Yuen Hung, Cathy  湯婉紅

Jin Peiyun 靳培雲


Translators and Interpreters  翻譯傳譯

Chan Yin Man, Alice  陳燕文

Erebus  Wong  黃鈺書

Kho Tungyi  許統一

Chan Wai Fong, Fongie 陳惠芳

Liang Ying 梁迎

Yang Xiangrou  楊向若


Design and Layout of Poster, Banner and Programme Book  海報、橫幅、會議手冊設計排版

Pan Tingting 潘婷婷


Volunteers  志願者

Au Yeung Kit, Jason  歐陽傑

Lai Ka Hei, Hyson 黎家希

Cheung Yuk Lin, Jenny 張玉蓮

Kong Lai Chu 江麗珠

Lau Chi Keung 劉志強

Tang Jie 唐傑

Ji Zhifan 紀志帆

Yeung Hiu Chun, Steve  楊曉臻

Huang Yuemin 黃悅旻



The commitment and support of the many co-organizers in intellectual input and logistics have make SSFS5 possible. The Department of Cultural Studies of Lingnan University has consistently provided partial funding support for the South South Forums. Many individuals, named or anonymous, have invested time and money in helping the project along. The efforts and enthusiasms demonstrated in this mutual support and open interaction speak for themselves as witness to a process of the actualization of the common.