Adrian Carrasco Zanini Molina

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Adrian Carrasco Zanini Molina is a Mexican filmmaker and professor, who has been documenting social change in Latin America for more than thirty years. He was a war correspondent during the Nicaraguan Revolution where he produced the following films: Nicaragua 1978: Cual es la Consigna (1978) Comandante (1979) La Mujer en La Revolución Nicaraguense (1980) Monimbo es Nicaragua (1981) Nicaragua: For the First Time (1984 Presidential Elections) Nicaragua: A Vote Against War (1990 Presidential Elections) In recent years, he has directed El Salvador: El Turno del Ofendido (2009) and Guatemala Lives: Mayan Voices (2012) He currently covers social issues in the Americas. Adrian is also working on documentaries about Mexicans of African descent, on artists from the state of Morelos, and about California justice practitioners involved in public interest law. He also works as a freelancer for several world televisions and news networks.