The Third South South Forum on Sustainability (July 2016)



The Cultural Studies Department was one of the key organizers of the first and second South-South Forum on Sustainability held in 2011 (in Lingnan University) and 2012 (in Southwest University). The third Forum will be held in Lingnan University on July 23-28, 2016. About 30 scholars from Latin America, Europe and Asia as well as from the Greater China region will speak and debate issues on Latin America, Asia, regional integration, financial capital crisis, trajectory of developing countries, agrarian question, architecture/urbanism, and visions for the future. The Forum builds important cross-border relationships for intellectual exchanges and collaborations.

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Organizers and Co-organizers of the Third South South Forum on Sustainability

Organized by:

 Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
Lingnan Gardeners, KFCRD, Lingnan University
嶺南大學群芳文化研究及發展部 - 嶺南彩園
 Global University for Sustainability

Co-organized by:

Centre for Multicultural Studies, Catholic University of Daegu, South Korea韓國大邱天主教大學多文化研究中心
Group of Research on Identities and Cultures, University of Le Havre法國勒阿弗爾大學身份與文化研究中心
Centre for Film and Cultural Studies, Peking University北京大學電影與文化研究中心
Institute of Advanced Studies for Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University清華大學人文與社會高等研究中心
Centre of Rural Reconstruction, Renmin University of China中國人民大學鄉村建設中心
Department of Landscape Architecture, East China University of Science and Technology華東理工大學景觀規劃設計系
Institute of Rural Reconstruction of China, Southwest University西南大學中國鄉村建設學院
Institute of Rural Reconstruction of the Straits, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University福建農林大學海峽鄉村建設學院
Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives亞洲學者交流中心
Green Ground Eco-Tech Centre (Beijing)國仁城鄉(北京)科技發展中心