Montreal World Social Forum (August 2016)


In August, the World Social Forum 2016 in Montreal took place from 9th to14th. it comes as the 12th World Social Forum.

The forum aims at bringing many people, local or foreign, together to get involved in over 1000 self-managed activities. The self-managed activities were organised in many forms which includes, according to official website of WSF, ‘the expression of experiences, debate initiatives towards another possible world with opening and closing marches, an agora of initiatives, a youth camp and a wide cultural program’.

Apart from being launched in one physical place, the forum of 2016 was open to accept more forum activities outside Montreal and more tele-participation through the Internet.

The team of Global University for Sustainability, as one of participants, got involved in organising two self-managed activities: Global Dialogue on Sustainability and Mapping China from People’s Perspectives. Later, the video recording of the events will be released. Please stay tuned.

Plus, Emancipation is one of important sessions at WSF that should be highlighted because of its emphasis of the content on ways to deal with current crisis that the World is confronting and , more importantly, people’s autonomy in making plans for more sustainable world.

We have been focusing on issues of sustainability. One aspect of sustainability is social justice and in this area Global Social Justice has working so hard. This time, they brought us two events at WSF. For more information, please click here.